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Management - Advisors


Managing Director Prevent International:

Mr. M. D. (Maarten) te Kulve

  • Studies: Tropical Agriculture (BSc) Agricultural College Larenstein, Deventer
                Country management course, MSF
                International multilateral negotiations, Clingendael
                Kidnap management training, CRG
                Training lobby with Armed non-state actors, ICRC
                Security Risk Management Development course, Ruud Kloppenburg, RKsec
                Training in ‘dealing with aggression', CSD

Médecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF):

  • Various field postings in as Project Coordinator and Country Manager            (4 years)
    (a.o. Zaire, Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, PNG, Macedonia)            
  • Context Analyst / Security Advisor Central Asia, Balkans, West Africa           (3 years)
  • Chief Humanitarian Affairs, and Global Security Advisor                               (3 years)
  • Special Advisor to General Director, on o.a. Security and Cimic                    (3 years)


  • Guest lectures Cimic and Security Management at Nato Centres in Oberammergau, Budel, Napels (RHQ), Brunsum(RHQ), Brussels (HQ Shape), Munster (Ger/NL), Sandhurst (UK), IDL (NL) at Institutes Clingendael The Hague (NL), Geneva Centre for Security Policy (CH), Free University of Amsterdam (NL), University of Turin (IT) 

Managing Director Prevent International                                                             2007

Advisor for Prevent International:

Drs. K.M. (Nick) Meulmeester

  • Study: Criminology / Leiden University
  • Royal Netherlands Navy / Air Arm                            (5 years)
  • Naval Intelligence Service / MARID                          (7 years)
  • National Security Service / BVD                              (7 years)
  • Foreign Intelligence Service / IDB                           (15 years)
  • Prime Minister's Office:                                          (5 years)
    - Special advisor Intelligence & Security
    - OPCW
    - CVIN (member)
  • Independent Security Consultant                            (2 years)
  • Prevent International                                            (2 years)
    - Advisor Security risk management
  • Special Award: Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion   (1989)